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3D Ultrasounds

DaVinci Robotic Assisted SurgeryWe know you’re so curious to know what your baby looks like, and we’ve got good news: a 3D ultrasound can give you an incredibly clear picture of each of your baby’s physical features! It’s an amazing tool that helps you see your baby’s development in life-like form.

3D imaging can be performed between 26 to 34 weeks into your pregnancy (or 28 weeks for twins). The image all depends on where your baby is -- so position, size, movement, tissue and fluid can all affect the image quality. If we’re unable to obtain quality images during your 3D ultrasound, we’ll give you a 50 percent refund.

If all factors align and we capture a wonderful image, we’ll give you unlimited copies at no extra charge. We know it’s a special time for you and all your loved ones, so please feel free to invite as friends and family members as you’d like for your 3D ultrasound appointment!